Grant Making Guidelines

The Team National Hope Foundation has established its Grant Making Guidelines to assist members and organizations in the process of requesting funds to support projects that align with the Foundation's mission which is to improve lives by providing hope to individuals and families.

The Foundation is unable to make grants directly to individuals. Our grants are made to U.S. tax-exempt organizations that are independently identified by our staff.

Current Funding Focuses

  • Family Strengthening programs that provide safety and stability to children and families in our communities.
  • Education programs that provide academic enrichment and opportunities for quality learning
  • Animal Welfare programs that provide care to animals and education to the community and respect and kindness to all animals.

General Requirements

  • The Foundation can only consider organizations that have received tax–exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations must be appropriately recognized by state statutes, laws and regulations that govern tax-exempt organizations.

Application Process

Stage One: Submitting a Request

Please fill out our contact form or submit an email to and provide as much detail as possible regarding the organization and their need. The Foundation will review to determine whether the program meets our grant-making guidelines and funding focuses.

Stage Two: The Foundation’s Due Diligence and Decision Making

Once received, the Foundation will evaluate the organization's application. We will maintain regular communication via phone and email while conducting our research.

Following the Foundation's due diligence, a funding decision will be made and organizations will be notified of their status.

Note: There are no pre-set application deadlines. The Foundation awards grants throughout the year. The Team National Hope Foundation reserves the right to deny grant requests for any reason and to focus its funding, at will, to any cause that fits our mission.