24 May 2018

TN Hope Celebrates Red Nose Day!

Today is Red Nose Day, and we are celebrating here at the Team National corporate office and the Team National Hope Foundation! Here at the office, we love to show our team spirit and participate in fun dress up days. Red Nose Day is a great cause to bring awareness to by dressing up!

Red Nose Day brings attention to children in poverty worldwide, and since 2015, has raised over 100 million dollars to help children and families.

Here at the Team National Hope Foundation, we are also supporting Red Nose Day, and Angela even made a special announcement on Facebook Live this morning!

Watch it here:

TL;DR? If you don’t have a chance to watch it, the special announcement is that Team National will be matching ALL donations made to TN Hope today on Red Nose Day!

Let’s use our friends, family, and social network to raise money for children and families, knowing that money will go to help the children who need it. Today, your donation instantly doubles, thanks to Team National! So share share share! You can share this blog post, or any of our social media posts on Facebook, and you can even donate on Facebook as well! 

Click here to make your online donation today. Remember, anything you donate today counts for twice as much, since Team National will MATCH your donation!

Check out the Team National Staff Group photo for Red Nose Day 2018! 



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